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Now, about all those pesky ‘other links’ we keep mentioning during our podcasts…

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[We are not sure, at the moment, how this will affect play-scheduling on Dark Matter Digital Network, so please consult DMDN directly about their intent to schedule past shows again]

And, if you’d like to hear us via your internet connection live, such as at work (or, you just like Internet Radio better), then you can catch us each week on Dark Matter Digital Network. Just click the link, and it will open their webpage where you can play their Internet Radio station directly. Currently, the Ratfiles Podcast Latest Episode airs every Thursday Evening at 7-PM Mountain Time (MDT currently), or 0100 UTC (0200 GMT, if you prefer – we’re 6-hours behind UTC and 7-hours behind London). Our show also plays again on Sunday Nights at 10-PM MDT. As with both Thursday and Sunday shows, they do repeat over the course of the night intermittently, into the next day – so make sure you tune in to Dark Matter too.

As always, The Ratfiles Podcast Team thanks you for your visit and your interest!