How to Download Our Podcasts as MP3 Files

So, you want to take The Ratfiles Podcast with you, on the go, and you know that you won’t have internet access while you are on the go, or at the place you are going. Big Problem? Not at all. All you need to do is to download the desired Podcast Shows as MP3 files before you start your trip, or if you are camping or hiking, while in-town preparing or resupplying, at most any free wi-fi connection.  Most podcasts are less than 100-Mb’s, so equal to 20-songs of storage, give-or-take.

Sound good so far, but don’t know how to do it? Simple. Follow this instruction, and you’ll be downloading in NO TIME, EASY!

If you want to save our Podcasts as MP3 files, to play at your convenience, even when you’re not near an internet connection, simply follow the following steps:

1. Go to our PODCAST EPISODE page. Once there, when you scroll down, you will start seeing the list of all of our podcasts (most-recent are at the top). Simply find the podcast you want to save, such as this one, ‘What Are ‘True Giants?’:

Download Method.jpg

2. If you notice, right below the ‘play bar’ is a small button that says ‘Download’. When you click that button, a dialog will pop up that asks you ‘what do you want to do with the file?’  Simply tell it where you want to save the .mp3 audio file to, and it will start downloading where you told it to save to. THAT SIMPLE!

Of course, you can also play the audio through the right-arrow button on the audio bar, too…or wait until your download completes and play the saved file. Your choice.

All our podcasts are free to play and free to download. Like all entertainment, we do own the copyright to the podcasts, but since we believe in the ‘General Public License’ concept, we share with you for free, no strings attached, as long as you give credit to us for having created the works within, and you don’t try to make exceptional profit off of replaying them for an audience (we work with radio stations to broadcast our podcasts, so all it takes is a letter to us, if you are in the broadcast business).