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For anyone curious about, or planning to visit Roswell, who would like a bit more local information, a map or two, or simply a ‘where’s the nearest park or golf-course’, here’s a little ‘scrapbook’ tourist guide we put together as a PDF for anyone who would like to download it. It’s not everything, but it’s a start to the festivities, anyhow.

Roswell Detail- (Street) Maps, Attractions and Parks PDF Map Booklet

and our much-better drawn (though not as location-detailed as the first link’s) map, here’s a ‘Lodging and Major City Features’ Map:

Roswell Lodging and Locations Map

with Lodging, Parks, City Resources marked on it. (This is in a HUGE 12 x 19″ custom format, but it will down-size perfectly to fit an 11″ x 14″ Legal sized page, if you want to print it out. Font size will suffer, but we’ve done it and can still (with magnifying glass) read it).

Dark Matter Digital Network – Internet Radio

We are no longer slotted on Dark Matter Digital Network Radio, however if you are looking for excellent stories, great research or other ‘like-minded’ shows, we’ve left the link up so that you can get to Dark Matter, still as easy as ‘one-click’!


Don’t Forget Our Friends Over at The Sasquatch Chronicles!

Wes and Woody have a world-class show on the big furry cryptids, and we know it. On more than one instance, we have cross-linked shows with them. You can visit their channel by clicking this headline, or view the specific podcasts we’ve heavily referenced by clicking the links below – and playing them directly through their podcast host. Your choice, but it’s hard to go wrong with this quality of information so easily available!

podcast_cct_logo   SC EP:187 Mountain Giants

podcast_cct_logo   SC EP:185 Sasquatch in Montana

podcast_cct_logo  SC EP:66 Giants in America

And, for Those Seeking the Best Information Available on the 1947 Roswell Event, as well as the history of Roswell, New Mexico:

Balthaser Tours.jpg

The ‘Researcher’s Researcher’, Mr. Dennis Balthaser, can be reached through his websites, and not only noted by Stanton Friedman as ‘the Researcher that other Researchers turn to when in Roswell’, but an excellent source of information on both the 1947 Roswell Crash Event and general Roswell New Mexico information, we wanted to provide a couple of links to his sites that you can easily get more information from.

Please note, he does guided-tours daily (well, almost daily…except for weekends, as Mouse just informed me), but you MUST schedule in advance (and he is BOOKED pretty solid, so contact and trip-planning should be considered a must).

http://roswellufotours.com/   (you can book tours through this URL)



For Businesses and interested parties in New Mexico and Texas, we would also like to point them to what we believe is the best Security Services Group anywhere, and that’s:

Allstate Security Services (New Mexico) / Dark Ridge Security Group (Texas)

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