All About “The Ratfiles Podcast”

As we state in every podcast opening, The Ratfiles Podcast originates from Roswell, New Mexico. Our podcast started as a shared-idea between the lovely host we know as ‘The Mouse’ and her co-host (and fellow open-minded associate), Lance. Both shared the similar attraction to topics that most mainstream sources would call ‘flights-of-fantasy’; as they felt that a lot of topics in the disdain of the public mainstream weren’t given fair scientific analysis – sometimes because of the skeptic-induced ‘giggle factor’, such as with cryptids and UFOs, and other times as with most conspiracy topics, where planned disinformation or ‘official positions’ have changed public perception from what it should have been – such as with UFOs, Area 51, Agenda 21 and more. Both Mouse and Lance felt that if these were fairly pursued as any other investigative research topic might be, that new light could be shed on both. A podcast seemed to be the perfect venue, as unlike with Facebook and other social media constructs, a podcast isn’t edited, withheld, censored, or otherwise manipulated by ‘unknown forces’ who may or may-not decide to completely ban you, delete your content or otherwise direct trolls at your channel to ‘take you down’ or ‘intimidate your viewers’. None of that happens to affect our listeners, so to this point, mission-accomplished – and we’re glad of it.

Now, everyone has heard Mouse on her podcast, of course, and a few have wondered ‘what’s up with the ‘mouse’ handle?’ No, it’s not her real name, nor is it an ‘old’ nickname for her. When we started discussing the concept of a podcast, we discussed many things, including how we were going to construct and address the show contents weekly. Lance (the frequent joker) commented that ‘why, it’s only going to be me talking…you’re too mousey to talk for a 4-minute stretch without fainting from shyness!’…the idea of ‘the Mouse’ stuck from that moment on (and has become quite the studio joke, actually). While ‘Mouse’ is brilliant, and very analytical in her research approach, a public speaker she was NOT…but as time goes on, the microphone is less scary, the opportunity to speak to her listeners is more appealing, and overall…well…Mouse is just a ‘cute nickname’ now…but it wasn’t always so. She keeps using ‘Mouse’ for the very specific reason of her career now.

Speaking of Mouse’s career – yes, we’ve mentioned it more than once too, she used to be a real, honest-to-goodness Sheriff’s Deputy! Knowing her now, you’d never picture her as the tough law enforcement officer that rumor from several former co-workers say she was, but several say she was not one to take lightly. A police woman for years, bad knees and a geographical relocation caused her to take an early retirement from the police force, and enter a more ‘sedentary’ lifestyle as far as a career option goes. As for her going by the handle ‘Mouse’, it’s not that she is law enforcement that requires her to keep that handle still – but she now holds a public job, and as such, knowing who she really is might cause problems with her employment if it were known who she was in ‘day-to-day’ life. Like Wonder Woman, Batman or Superman; it often pays to have a public identity separate from your ‘superhero’ alter-image.

Mouse also designs and creates the T-shirts, mugs, cups, various artwork for the merchandise store – oh, yeah, and is the one who set up the merchandise store account and front-face (though Lance did integrate it into the homepage). Mouse is also the one who integrated the Buzzsprout podcast host page into the Facebook, Blogspot and Pinterest connections, set up and maintains all those accounts, and ensures that the store merchandise is ‘what she would want to buy, if she were shopping for something cool’. She also tracks the podcast episode numbers. A real FORCE to be reckoned with, most assuredly.

Lance, on the other-hand, is a different subject. Yes, Lance is a pseudonym too. As we’ve mentioned on several shows, Lance is a real, honest-to-goodness engineer. No longer licensed or practicing, he still did the degrees, he still remembers the walk, and in ‘real life’, he estimates he contributed to billions of dollars worth of product designs and development that, believe-it-or-not, most of the world knows first-hand. He holds degrees in Business, Engineering and Technology – 4 in all (including a couple of graduate degrees), with a strong focus in heavy industrial design and applications. Every once in a while, you’ll hear us joking about ‘Wiley-Coyote’, the Warner Brothers cartoon from decades-back, and the famous coyote ‘engineer’ that always failed to catch the cunning roadrunner. Well, Lance saw enough similarities with us always ‘hunting’ the elusive ‘deep-state deniers and cryptid creatures never to be caught, that it was like we were ‘hunting that friggin’ roadrunner’, and jokingly said, ‘good thing we are ‘super-geniuses’…and the whole ‘Wiley-Coyote’ thing stuck for him, too. As always, cute turns to inside jokes, and well, hard to drop a comedy reference afterwards.

In all seriousness, Lance has worked for various Fortune 500 companies, most-often in an engineering or technical management position, and he has more than once worked in classified environments; so he knows a little bit about how classified information really works. He also has seen a multitude of situations where the ‘average person’ has no clue what really happened in a given situation, so seeing how the public is often so clueless to what the truth of an event really is, is what led him to join Mouse with her Podcast – to help bring much better enlightenment to the public, without unnecessary spin that the media either overwhelmingly applies to most topics, or the total cover-up treatment they give to others.

Public speaking is an old friend to Lance, so shyness in front of a microphone is someone else’s problem, not his. Lance is the ‘old guy’ in the group, and is ‘technically retired’ now. He still consults on occasion via various contract efforts, but the consults are infrequent, at best. This is great, he gets to spend a LOT of his time working on the Ratfiles research, technical support and general studio issues such as ‘oh great, why is that microphone not working again?!’ , or ‘good grief, how can we soundproof this room better…I’ve got 3-inches of acoustic foam on the walls now!’. Thanks to Lance, the Podcast website exists, and the weekly shows are recorded and later compiled and post-processed. He also co-checks the podcast e-mails with Mouse (we both get our own mail, and both of us can jointly see the ‘the.ratfiles.podcast’ e-mail). He’s also the one who prints out our postcards (when we do a postcard campaign), and tries to keep our contacts database functional for mail merges. A lot of the shows are the result of his topic research, and if the e-mail questions get deep, Mouse tosses the proverbial weasel on him to ‘hey, answer this e-mail’…

After almost 2-years of work, and 50-shows released, we’ve found that we make a great team when it comes to The Ratfiles. We’ve increased our show releases to 1-per week, where it used to be closer to 1-2 per month. We are also trying to stir up a lot more viewership right now, from more postcard campaigns (nothing gets interest more than a real card in the mail you can thumbtack to your desk, wall or dresser!) We do poster and brochure campaigns with visitor centers, museums and various clubs and groups that are interested in such material. Hey, if your club wants a poster or a brochure display, shoot us an e-mail. We are familiar with a lot of groups and can help address your club (radio club, motorcycle club, alien/UFO discussion group, etc.) better if we know a bit about you – and the topics you like to hear about.

Oh, and we are also building a large library of images, documents and videos in support of our podcast mission. Everything takes time, and this ‘central hub webpage’ is a part of that. With increasing audience attention, we wanted to make sure that ‘the evidence doesn’t disappear’. {We’re on 6-CONTINENTS NOW, and only Antarctica stands in our way of global coverage! Not sure how we are going to pick up that last one, but we’re working on it!}

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