Welcome to our Homepage.  If you’re wondering where the Ratfiles have went to, well, this is our webpage – but the Podcast section we produced for two years has now been closed. Due to the ‘call of jobs’, both Mouse and Lance moved on to other employment – and, as life requires, we had to dedicate our time to new positions and new tasks that cut our free-time short to be able to continue bringing you the Ratfiles Podcasts on a weekly basis.  We MAY still release the occasional show, we are not sure at this point, but have no fear regarding our past archives – you can still find them here.  We migrated all of our audio shows to this website, so you can still listen to the two years of shows we did produce, plus if any new ones are released, you will be able to listen in to the new ones here as well.

Thank you, if you have been a dedicated listener in the past, for making our efforts mean something. We’d also like to extend a thanks to Keith Rowland over at Dark Matter Digital Network for hosting our podcasts on his syndicated radio station.  We wish DMDN the best, and invite you to tune them in online when you can, as they have a host of great shows you can still choose from.

From Mouse and Lance, thanks for making our Ratfiles Podcast happen! Now, about those archived shows…

‘The Mouse’ and her co-host Lance will take you deep down the rat hole, beyond the cover stories and mainstream-media hype that always seems to be a 30-second sound byte that really never gives you any investigative insight into the ‘real story’. We offer a real investigation, and a real story that few others carry. We’re not afraid to mince words, to call-them-as-we-see-them, or offer a structured opinion either.  These are The Ratfiles!

Our podcasts are available to play now by opening our full archived show-listing here:

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Once there, you can directly play them, or download each show by using the MP3 download button on the podcast page – (for a how-to, click here). We still also have full episode videos (usually a slideshow format to the podcast audio, unless otherwise stated in the podcast) available on our YouTube channel. Like the ‘Greys’ and ‘Bigfoot’, we’re everywhere – but a lot easier to search for and find, actually.

If you’ve never downloaded a podcast as an MP3 file before, so you can listen to it later, no sweat! Here’s a little tutorial on how you can do it (we make it really easy)!

Here’s How to Download Ratfiles Podcasts

We also host a few bits of information about local and ‘topic-friendly’ events, as well as a few cross-linked shows that share similar interests that we have worked with in the past. To learn a bit about our area, Roswell, or to see a few other interesting sites, simply:

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When the Ratfiles started, we used to give a few details about our show, the hosts and why we chose the topics – but, after a while, it felt like we were tying up valuable show-time in repeating the same thing, over-and-over, time that could be better-spent in giving you, the listener, more information. So, we not only built this nice homepage, but set aside one page to tell you about our hosts, their background, and a bit about the show itself. If you are interested, simply click the link below to find out more about the ‘behind-the-scenes Ratfiles Podcast’ story.

Click HERE to Learn About The Ratfiles!

And, if you’re already a fan, and need that essential ‘Ratfiles Gear’, look no further! We have the essential-gear store for you! [still up and running, if you want what will now be a ‘collector’s shirt or hoodie’!]

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There’s a lot of other items and more artwork than just these items in the store!


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As always, The Ratfiles Podcast Team thanks you for your visit and your interest!