Welcome to our Homepage.  You have taken the first step into accessing The Ratfiles. Each week, your host ‘The Mouse’ and her co-host Lance will take you deep down the rat hole, beyond the cover stories and mainstream-media hype that always seems to be a 30-second sound byte that really never gives you any investigative insight into the ‘real story’. We offer a real investigation, and a real story that few others carry. We’re not afraid to mince words, to call-them-as-we-see-them, or offer a structured opinion either.  These are The Ratfiles!

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When the Ratfiles started, we used to give a few details about our show, the hosts and why we chose the topics – but, after a while, it felt like we were tying up valuable show-time in repeating the same thing, over-and-over, time that could be better-spent in giving you, the listener, more information. So, we not only built this nice homepage, but set aside one page to tell you about our hosts, their background, and a bit about the show itself. If you are interested, simply click the link below to find out more about the ‘behind-the-scenes Ratfiles Podcast’ story.

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